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ok. im thoroughly confused. id like to start by saying i am not looking for an argument, i am looking for a conversation. posts like this make me feel dumb and id like to fix that. i see posts like this all about my dashboard several times a day and i never know what im looking at. so on the surface all i see: POC gender identities rejecting white identities because white people ruin everything.

i acknowledge my privilege right here, and this isnt me trying to make your post about me. i just want to talk to someone about this.

im a white trans girl. not by nature of any stereotypical view of “white femaleness” but i have never recalled a time i havent been a girl. its just how i understand myself. i also have tattoos and piercings. i dont believe it makes me superior to anyone and i dont think its racist. i just dont like my body, its incongruent to my perception of self, and i compensate by changing its appearance. i dont understand why you are offended by my being. 

i want to be friends with you and i want to share a sense of solidarity with anyone who has an experience considered to be atypical by the north american lens of gender structure. i want to understand the difference. so again, i dont want to argue or offend or be made a spectacle for a post that isnt about me, i just want to learn. please talk to me?

much love,

a follower

you cannot come to my inbox and be like “oh i want to learn and be accountable for my privilege” and not be willing to be as vulnerable as every other POC on this website that is vehemently anti-whiteness and anti-white supremacy and get their shit deleted for calling it like it is. 

 i dont understand why you are offended by my being. “

i’m not here to invalidate your experiences

i’m here to create my own space for my narrative which has been so often ignored by white trans folk who have mounds and mounds of access to language and culture and spaces that cater to their needs. 

i’m not offended by your being - maybe i should be - but i’m not because that takes too much energy.

“POC gender identities rejecting white identities because white people ruin everything.” 

not even. POC gender identities are not about countering the identities that white people create and uphold without giving thought to other folk. 

this is not about white people. my queerness and my transness is not about white people. as a viet trans person though - the language and access i have to transness has been made to be about white people because there are so many cultural differences that are not examined critically by white people when they’ve got power and resources to create spaces for ~all trans people~ 

this is not about white people. the idea that my gender is about white people totally erases the history and depth and value and worth and beauty of the people who came before me and don’t have a white trans narrative but experience gender on a deep and cultural and holistic way. 

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