look at me and all my energy and giving white supremacists their 1000000000th chance to shape the fuck up!

this person also has a “bloody geisha” leg tattoo which i realized when i saw a million white queers drooling over all of it and i was the person who anonymously told this person that it was racist and orientalist and violent and needs to be either covered up immediately or i would personally slice her skin off of her leg as a reminder



I will get to this when I can.

But like, I publicly stated I will be taking a break from tumblr.

I do not want you coming to my Facebook page and you crossed that boundary.

You have also misgendered me several times now and it is really hurtful towards me. Regardless of where it is coming from, being misgendered (more than once) is not okay.

I don’t know how to get past this recent blow up. Unfortunately many aspects of my life are exceptionally trying right now so I’m not in the right mindset to be handling anything to do with tumblr.

I increasingly feel like I am taking up too much space as a white queer person so I’m going to back off for awhile and delve deeper into myself, where I cannot hurt other people.

Please let me be for right now.

PS update: I did read your ex-nazi post on your tumblr


 i told you that you have a lot of privilege because you are generally perceived as a cute/quirky/zooeydeschanel-esque white cis lady

i never said you are cis, because i know “identity” and labels are important for you to feel like you are more oppressed than you are

and this is a perfect example of how white people after being called out for being violently white supremacist, have no interest in actual accountability but instead call out the POC for being abusive immediately afterwards

this has seriously happened to me a million times and i know a lot more about white supremacy than you do


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