**MOVEMENT OF QUEER DIASPORAS** Art Gallery! Looking for submissions!


Hi beautiful Community! The Multicultural Community Center at UC Berkeley is now accepting art submissions for our next art show called—


Movement of Queer Diasporas is about celebrating & recognizing the multiple ways in which movement is creatively present in the lives, resistance, and struggles of queer communities in the diaspora. There is movement in the fluidity of expressions of queerness, how notions of family are challenged, “coming out” narratives, and in the search for home. There is movement in navigating different locations and in the hiding, (un)masking, de-queering, and transformation that can come with queerness.  With the Movement of Queer Diasporas Exhibit,we hope to honor the mosaic of stories and hxstery of movement ingrained in queer diasporic communities.

diaspora- the movement, migration or scattering of communities from home/land(s)  to home/land(s). 

We seek to acknowledge the non-neutrality of the construction of diaspora, to visibilize the displacement and renaming of lands, to queer any one static definition of diaspora.  

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis until October 7th! 

Who can submit: Anyone! Students, Community members
What medium: We welcome artists of various mediums including but not limited to paintings, sculptures, poetry, photography, film, and more.

Email us at artcommittee@gmail.com for more information. Please reblog & spread the word!!

Submission form for Movement of Queer Diasporas—


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